Step 1 Module A 

Developing Inclusive Leadership

* Management vs Leadership – understanding the difference, power & influence
* Dynamic Interaction Between Strategy & Culture - inclusive organizational cultures & supporting structures, stereotype threat & psychological safety

Inclusive Leadership Competencies - ethical reasoning, Cultural & Emotional Intelligence in communication
Organizational Change Needs- identifying individual and organizational needs to successfully develop more inclusive work environments

​​​​Empowering Leaders and Engaging Teams in Culture Transformation

​​Step 2- Inclusive Management Cap-stone

Culture Change Design and Planning

* Organizational Values - values reflected through a dynamic interaction between organizational strategy and culture
* Empowerment & Learning - investigating management structures supporting inclusive cultures
* Leadership Competencies - facilitating constructive conflict and win-win negotiations in global/diverse contexts
* Culture Change Management Planning – developing a culture change management plan while raising your team’s 

                                                                                Emotional and Cultural Intelligence


Using an evidence- based research approach, our Inclusive Vision researchers designed a unique Inclusive Leadership Program focused on developing the skills and competencies required to address the stereotype-threat and perceptions of unfairness that lead to unhealthy work environments. Well-founded evidence indicates that these competencies are critical to leading heterogeneous, multicultural, high-performing global teams and organizations inclusively. Our Inclusive Leadership Program develops executives’ capacity to practice a genuinely inclusive leadership style and create authentically inclusive organizations in which differences are integrated and values are aligned to enhance performance and build organizational resilience,  

Step 1 Module B 

Cultural Translations: Leading Diverse Teams

* Leading Diverse/Global Teams- critical skills and competencies necessary to create, manage and lead high performing diverse/global teams
* Cultural Differences and Stereotype Threat- understanding the impact cultural differences have on perceptions, communication and leadership styles with a focus on national origin, gender and generational diversity  
* Emotional and Cultural Intelligence - developing the ability to translate cultural differences into more effective communication, relationship and leadership development

The Inclusive Leadership Program 

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