Program Structure

Our Inclusive Leadership Program is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of working professionals.  The learning approach is broken down into an optional two step process that offers tailored approaches and flexibility in matching client and participants needs.  Inclusive Vision curriculum designers understand that training programs often face time and logistic challenges. Our Inclusive Leadership Program is designed around this by having both in-person training, and hybrid face-to-face - online options designed to accommodate a variety of situations.

Step 1 - Participants complete two training modules, each organized as a three-day face-to-face or a 4 weeks hybrid training.

Step 2 - Participants graduating Step 1 can access an Inclusive Management capstone module built around a more coaching intensive approach, centered on assisting leaders in directly applying the knowledge and practices they have acquired in previous modules. By the end of Step 2, participants develop evidence-based culture change management plans and earn a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership.

Step 1 Module B 

Cultural Translations & Inclusive Communication  

* Emotionally & Culturally Intelligent Influencers
* Cultural Differences and Stereotype Threat 
* Leading Diverse/Global Teams 

Are you concerned about team conflict, high turnover or low productivity? Are you addressing potential harassment, discrimination, burnout or even workplace bullying?  If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you might be addressing the effects of an unhealthy organizational culture, in which stigmatized beliefs and values differences lead inadvertently to stereotype threat, disengagement, burnout and unethical behavior.

The Inclusive Leadership Program 

Step 1 Module A 

Developing Inclusive Leaders

* Management vs Leadership
* Dynamic Interaction Between Strategy & Culture 

* Inclusive Leadership Competencies 
* Creating Psychologically Safe Environments

​​​​Empowering Leaders and Engaging Teams in Culture Transformation

​​Step 2- Inclusive Management Cap-stone

Culture Change Design and Planning

* Organizational Values

* Empowerment & Learning 
* Leadership Competencies 
* Culture Change Management Planning 

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