​Virtual Team Building

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Focused on developing cohesive virtual teams while strengthening participants' connection to their organizational culture, this 4 weeks on-line training was developed based on  research showing that:

Week 1: Leading virtual team meetings effectively and inclusively

Week 2: Organizational Culture & Virtual Teams: values, assumptions & beliefs through symbols and language

Week 3: Organizational Culture & Teams: rituals, environment & climate

Week 4: Delivering on-line presentations effectively

  Our Virtual Team Building Program can support your efforts!  ​​

Is your company offering flexible work opportunities? If yes, what are you doing to empower your employees in contributing effectively as valued virtual team members? Do they have the skills needed to build virtual team cohesiveness? How about facilitating a sense of belonging to your organizational culture for those working remotely more than 2 days/week?

​​​​Empowering Leaders and Engaging Teams in Culture Transformation

​​​Program Structure

•employees value organizational culture over compensation!

•team cohesiveness is difficult to achieve in virtual teams!

•members of highly cohesive groups are more satisfied with their work experience!

•effective early virtual team communication and interaction has lasting effects on trust in the virtual environment!

•high levels of cohesiveness reduce communication barriers!

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